Maddening Monday…The Weigh-in

Hummm sooo today isn’t the best day at Get Right Get Tight headquarters 😦 and it’s really got me feeling some kinda way!! So the numbers on the scale decided to go all freakin Cha Cha Slide and shit and when it heard Reverse Reverse, it enthusiastically did just that. The disloyal bastard!! I want to rip its battery out of its back so it can feel the same pain it caused me when it ripped my heart out when I saw those numbers this morning!! I have been exercising AND eating right last week so I’m not sure exactly what happened. And although the disappointment was palpable by all those present at the weigh-in, not much I can do about it now except, regroup let it go, and push harder for next weeks encounter with that backstabbing bastard! So I’m pushing for a 3-4lbs lost in this upcoming week. That’s ambitious for me! So I need y’all to send tons of fat fighting energy my way!

It’s days like today that really test ones dedication to the journey. I say that because I know that although I was not perfect with my diet, I was not off the wagon either. And I sure as HELL didn’t eat no 8,750 calories in 1(One) dang day!

The worst part for me is that today I feel like my trainer was more disappointed than I was. That too made me feel some kind of way …and that way was NOT happy. Almost like your dad being disappointed in his little angel. Argh, gotta shake that off as well, and put up some numbers next week that blows both our minds! Thats gonna mean 2 a days with more cardio :-?. Summer IS right around the corner I want to show a little skin, as well as start my Pole level classes again!! Umm hummm I said start Poling again. Don’t judge me…..JOIN me!

Get Right Get Tight


4 thoughts on “Maddening Monday…The Weigh-in

  1. You got this lady!!! The scale had a momentary lapse of insanity… You keep your focus and tell all those muscles that your building that you need them to weigh a little less! LOL!!! I’m pulling for ya mama!!!

    • Thank you so much JoVaun. It’s like I said on the “About” page, stepping outside the box trying something new. I appreciate your support!!! XOXO Bliss

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