Thankful Thursday…

So in my world it’s Thankful Thursday…
Yes, I am thankful for all the usual things that one is thankful for, life, kids, health, parents, family and friends and their well-being, most definitely.
But I’m also thankful for being just a little bit different from others. How you may or may not ask.
Well for starters I’m sorta the odd ball in my circle in that I’m the only single person everyone else is married, not a thing in the world wrong with marriage in fact I hope to marry again …one day. Not only am I “The Single One” I’m the oldest in that group. At ## years old I am experiencing life as most did in their 20’s, kind of footloose and fancy free; although I have 3 teenagers (monkey wrench). This is my first time living alone because I went from my mom’s house to my husband’s house at 21, and that is where I remained until his passing almost 5 years ago. Now the thankful part with this piece is that I am STILL living, discovering, laughing, and embracing what life throws my way. Not everyone can say that. Some are mired down in their daily lives and don’t even know what day of the week it is. Or bills are weighing heavy and the stress of it all is shutting them down little by little. Or they hate their jobs, their spouses and everything that surrounds them. They are in the quicksand that is their life. They are in these long ass unfulfilling relationships and want out but can’t find the courage to leave. They either stay for convenience or for the kids or both. While this dead-end existence sucks the joy and life right out of them, day by depressing day, they choose to remain in it. We all know at least one or two people who are in that quicksand. But THANK GOD THAT IS NOT ME! Yes, I’m single BUT I can mingle as I choose to or not to, I have that choice that freedom, that some crave but are afraid to obtain. When your life is over and you have been unhappy for most of it…that to me is a life wasted. So that being said I’m thankful for freedom, choice, and chances.
I know people who are afraid to take a different route to work let alone try something new and fun in their personal lives. I caught some side eyes when I decided to pole but I didn’t care, it was/is fun and freeing and gives a sense of accomplishment especially when you get a move that you have been working on forever. When you can see yourself come out of a shell and think ok I can be sexy! I’ve learned how to look at myself and think dayum gurl that was hottt! And poling was just one of the new things I have tried out over these last few years. So with this piece I am thankful the courage to try something new despite the side eyes I get. I am thankful my sense of adventure, and my carefree attitude.
It’s hard as hell raising teen boys without their dad or a positive fulltime male role model. This is the hardest thing I have had to do in MY LIFE!! One is narcissistic and the other ODD (oppositional defiant) Opposite ends of the spectrum, somewhat. Each possesses their own special challenges. With one you want to break all the mirrors in the house and tattoo on his forehead “The world DOES NOT revolve around you” (maybe I should do that and keep the mirrors) and the other I’m thinking Jesus be my fist so when I hit this boy in his chest it can be all-powerful and he can just feel it flow through his ENTIRE body!!Yeah, I want him to get the “Glow” you know like Leroy…The Last Dragon…(Google it) Oh and a girl child who sits back in the cut and instigates!! I just need Jesus to be some duct tape for her. Who knew life could get this hard? But so far I’m surviving and so are they. And since I’ve been on this journey with them I’ve heard horror stories about teens gone wrong; but so far we haven’t made the news, so for THAT I’m thankful. Another thankful piece with this is, although I’m discovering myself, I’m still able to help them through their journey and love and support them as though they are angels. For that I am thankful. And I’m just plain ol’ thankful for them because without THEM there was a time when I could not think of a reason to get up out of bed other than they needed me.

And finally I’m thankful YOU came here to my little blog to read this…XOXO


14 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday…

  1. Well darling I am glad to be able to come here and hear your thoughts, dreams and aspirations. Also I understand the pain and frustration that you are going through however, writing, exercising, and living life as free as you are will help through your daily struggles. Keep Hope Alive (in my Jesse Jackson voice) or is that my (John Lewis voice). Peace Erika

    • Thanks Erika…aka lol. Girl yes I know you know first hand. Thanks for your support. Oh yeah I forgot I can tell him he’s going to spend some time with Auntie Erika!! LMAO

  2. I’ve read your shorts on FB, but I must say you’re a good writer!!! I love a good story! You paint a bright picture & you are very articulate. I love IT!!! Smart girls rule!!! Awesome!!!

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