Surreal Sunday

My need for it grows with each passing day…
I still remember the last time we were together; it was a beautiful summer day…
My chest heaved with excitement as I prepared for our encounter, rushing from closet to mirror first this, then that, it has to be perfect.
I remember the beginning of the journey, but quickly move into auto pilot as thoughts of our past rendezvous cause my lips to involuntarily curl at its corners, and I blush.
Trickles of wondering sweat run from my neck into places that longed to be caresses by what awaits.
Still fresh is the feeling of anticipation, seeing, touching, inhaling…tasting, letting go of my inhibitions and becoming one with what lay before me…
My hands trembled as I unbuttoned the buttons on flimsy fabric that hid what lie beneath from what I needed…I had vowed no more hang ups, or cover ups, complete strangers all around, but I had made up my mind this was what I wanted …no what I NEEDED.
I remember how I felt as the fabric fell to my feet, a rush, bold, free…no turning back now.
I remember the excitement I felt, never breaking my gaze on what was in front of me; broad and strong, seemingly never-ending; it commanded my attention hypnotizing me with its gentle rhythmic movements, chills erupt, I can barely contain myself.
I remember my gait hastened as I made my way closer and closer, so close now I can touch.
I remember that first touch sent shockwaves through my body; caused involuntary shivers…I closed my eyes, head back, appreciating.
Weak, surrendering, on my knees, to all it had to offer embracing it totally, its familiar aroma assaulting my sense of smell, I inhaled, deeply.
It was wet on my lips, again assaulting my senses, licking my lips, tasting the saltiness…surrendering completely, nothing else matters, we are one.
Soaked, dripping…I’m transported.
Rolling, intertwined as one, laughing from pure joy. Strong and all encompassing, I’m tossed by its rhythmic movements, I’m light as a feather, high as a kite. Sounds that fail to describe my true bliss escape my lips. To infinity is where I want to ride this wave of pure satisfaction, floating.
There’s a recession, I open my eyes, my breath escapes me, I’m exposed. Slowly composure returns. The voyeuristic eyes of strangers are all around, did they see? I’m as giddy as a teenager in love.
Everyone should be so lucky to experience the perfect day at the beach.


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