Thermal Thursday (Candy Babes)

It’s Thermal Thursday because Candy Babes are HOT!
As you know, I’m on a fitness journey and I find tons of ways to get my exercise in, some ways would be considered traditional while others although popular, are still not really mainstream. I have a personal trainer, and I go to the gym, as well as walking/trotting in my neighborhood. Those are all the more traditional methods.
Now for the just off mainstream or more progressive things I do to get my fitness fix. I attend a variety of classes at Fit Candy Studios. My favorite classes would be Pole Choreography, Bootylicious, Rockin Socks, and Cardio Candy Boot Camp. Pole Choreography although it’s a sexy flirty choreographed dance routine, is also a nice workout. And the instructor Eye Candy, puts her own special touch on each class. She is super sexy and has such a fun personality; she really keeps you engaged as she teaches. After you learn the routine and run it several times…yep you can feel it. In the routines you are strutting in your heels, spinning, crawling and getting it in sexy style.

Rockin Socks is a new fav high energy fun dances that provides a cardio workout, coupled with body weight exercises, LOVE it, and YES, we do it all in our socks!! It’s a super cute fun calorie burner.

Bootcamp Babes, is another intense yet fun cardio infused bad ass calorie burner. Candy Babes in BEAST Mode!

Finally, there is Bootylicious, bae-bay I’m gonna need to take my time with this one. Picture if you will a room full of lovelies various shapes and sizes in varying stages of dress poised and ready to learn how to restructure, tone, and tame, what has been called, milkshakes, donkeys, onions, moneymakers, hams, junk-in-the-trunk, fatties, and of course, booty’s! The instructor Fly Girl uses a variety of tricks to tighten and tone our booty’s, hips and thighs. The one that causes the most giggles, and voyeuristic tendencies would be the isolation movements, you know, right check, left check, both check movements. It’s a dignified “twerk” of sorts if you will. Now this can be tricky and not everyone gets it at first, it does take practice to become the conductor of your own booty symphony! Keep in mind it matters not the size of your “assests” it still needs to under your control at all times.

So here’s the set up, you have Fly Girl in the front of the class and she gives verbal instructions on just what we are supposed to do. Oh did I mention the lights are low and so are we,(seated position) the music is hype, 2 Chainz…IJS. The students begin to attempt to conduct their symphonies…then you start to here “I don’t think mine is moving” from all corners of the class and the giggles start. And then you hear, “Is MINE moving?” “It doesn’t feel like it”;“ YEAH, girl it’s moving”, more giggles, so our lovely instructor seeing the confusion, kindly demonstrates the movements…(muffled cough saying this under my breath “Two hams wrestling in her shorts” )lmao!! Then she makes her rounds assisting students and encouraging them to keep trying. So for those of us who have taken the class for a while there are these looks of PURE business on our faces as we compose our concertos! Although there are mirrors in front of us, Yep you guessed it we are all “Looking back at it”. Fly Girl returns to her spot up front to get her symphony started and all eyes are on her “Percussion section” lol lol. She holds a BM degree (Booty Masters) in Bootyology and her skill set is immediately recognized!! You start to hear the “Wows” in the class, and “Am I supposed to being doing THAT?” Now I’m generally pretty close to Fly Girl in class and baebay when I tell you she needs to change her name from Fly Girl to NBA, National Basketball Association , (YES,THAT one) …she should!! Why you may ask, well because that Mama looks like she’s dribbling two (2) basketballs behind her back …IN her shorts! You know like when you dribble really low and fast, umm hum, yep like that! And then you know if that ball handler has skills they can dribble one a bit slower than the other, switch the rhythm and change directions without missing a beat…umm humm girlie has those kinda skills. And get this during the last class, she tried to cover it up because “Someone was teasing her” I don’t recall who at the moment (blinks innocently) with her jacket can you say FAIL! Looked like two kids playing under the covers…lmao!! Okay, but seriously she is AWESOME at what she does. I aspire to hold a BM in Bootyology myself one day. This class is sooo much FUN and you can definitely tell that you are putting in work.

Keep in mind the classes I mentioned are just my personal favorite classes there are many more classes to choose from there, and one is the ever popular Zumba, and many classes that are unique to Fit Candy, like Chair Vixens. You should really stop by her website and or Facebook page for more information on what Fit Candy Studio has to offer.

I love going to the studio, the staff is great and the students are friendly. It’s a real sisterhood there. It’s a great place to get a fun effective workout, and meet some awesome ladies! It’s also a place of self discovery; you begin to remember that you can be sexy even though you are a mom, and working wife, stay at home mom, or if you constantly put yourself on the back burner. Take time for you, and take care of you, in a friendly encouraging, confidence building atmosphere. Become a member of the Fit Candy family!


2 thoughts on “Thermal Thursday (Candy Babes)

  1. Who ever would have guessed that while learning to be sexy, pop lock and dropping it, toning and sculpting, oozing and smacking that a ladies fitness workout center could be so much fun. Especially that Eye Candy(wink). I can say that Fit Candy has given me the opportunity to be in the presence of some of the most fabulous women I have ever met. Some of which are truly now my Sistas for Life! Ooozzz on Candy Babes!

    • LikeMorningCoffee…I’m so glad you stopped by! I agree totally with you, truly amazing ladies. Yes, Eye Candy IS a force to be recokend with in deed! Thanks for the support. I look forward to supporting you as well 🙂 XOXO Bliss

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