Forbidden Fruit Friday

After seeing the trailer for Tyler Perry’s new flick, Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, it made me begin to think. There was one line in particular that stood out for me, when main character, Judith, says, “I want to feel alive, and I want to feel wanted”, I was thinking ding ding, nail on the head. That is such a powerful statement. A moment of silence please, while we allow THAT to sink in; close your eyes and bow your heads…NO, really:-) Okay now inhake through your nose and exhale, through your mouth.

Being that I am a woman and I know women, I think it’s safe to say that is an accurate statement. And I’m sure it’s true for most men as well. Dare I say it’s more than a want, it’s a need we have; regardless of who you are. I’m daring so I yes, it is. Speaking for myself YES, I want to feel ALIVE and I want to feel WANTED, and DESIRED and all that goes along with that. Nope I’m not ashamed to say it out loud.
In keeping with what this movie is about, if you are in a relationship that has soured, or stagnated, or became predictable; you are not feeling alive or wanted. Now you and find yourself staring at Temptation, and it becomes overpowering and difficult to resist. Sometimes even if you are in a “Happy” relationship temptation can be wickedly powerful. Sometimes it’s just the excitement of something new a different; The Forbidden Fruit, if you will.

First lets define the word: Temptation
1. the act of influencing by exciting hope or desire;
2. something that seduces or has the quality to seduce
3. something that entices or allures
4. the desire to do something that you know you should avoid

I don’t know about you all but all of those definitions sound just a little sexy. Or it could just be me and MY way of thinking. Hell, makes me WANT to be (Fans self) IJS. Whether you choose to admit it or not we have all been tempted in the same way Judith seems to have been in movie. For ME there’s something sexy,exciting and almost intoxicating about temptation. Good or bad it definitely makes you feel alive. It heightens your senses the air around you becomes electric, every cell in your body is awakened. Don’t judge me, and don’t act like you don’t know what I mean! It doesn’t have to mean you were married but I do mean in a relationship. For some it could mean it was waaaay back in high school. I know some you may have to go back that far, ( like Betty Wright says it may take some of longer to get there)but go on and go…relive that excitement for a sec. Some of you can go back to last year, last month, or maybe even yesterday, umm hum it’s okay either way. If you have to travel back to high school, this is what I mean, when your parents told you, you could not see” Andrew” but you snuck around school and held his hand or stole kisses on the way home, you felt that adrenaline rush, that excitement, you were seduced by him and secretiveness of the situation, you were TEMPTED, Boo, remember the definition! You knew it was wrong but you wanted him, and you felt a rush every time you got away with seeing him. It’s that same rush as adults, you know it’s wrong but temptation is strong, seductive, and exciting. We do it either for the reasons I mentioned before or 1 or 2 of these, chemistry, lust, thrills, or a shared secret.

Let me get somewhat sidetracked for a moment. The secret itself is seductive KNOWING you know something that everyone else is clueless about, just you and the other person, it’s thrilling. Why is it you think most can’t keep a secret. It’s so exciting, and thrilling there is so much energy associated with it; and that feeling of I know something you don’t. Most of the time it’s to much for people to handle. It takes a SPECIAL person to keep secrets, nice or naughty. I could write a blog post about secrets.

Temptation and come from people and situations you never expected, never dreamed of, but boom one day there he is staring you in the face…what do you do? Will you travel that road of sexy, seduction, and excitement, or do you put the brakes on? Forbidden Fruit can be a game changer, will you taste of its intoxicating nectar? What makes you choose the road that you decide to take, only you can answer that.



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