Hounds of Hell

Ok so I’m getting my nails done and there’s a dude across from me. I look over and this chick is SWEATING that’s giving him his pedi ( hair stuck to her neck and forehead sweating) and I see all this debris flying from his feet. He’s sitting with his hands crossed on his belly seemingly oblivious that he has unleashed the Hounds of HELL upon the poor unsuspecting 4 foot nothing 100 lb soaking wet woman. She eventually gets up and disappears for about 10 mins and comes back saying the devil is a LIAR she will NOT be defeated by these evil ass monster hounds in front of her!! Baaabae she comes back with the BLASTER 5000!! (Bad to the Bone plays upon her arrival) she sits down pulls her goggles down and fires that puppy UP!! She is NOT playing she’s using both hands and her knees on those hound …lmao!! When it’s over it looks like drywall exploded ova there and ….it’s in her hair (the back of her head and on her back)!! Hold on……Ok I’m back I had to go throw up! When she is done she gets up stretches removes the goggles ( one hand remains near 4head other on her hip) she closes her eyes and raises her head skyward…obviously giving thanks…SHE is a survivor, she stared evil n the face and is living to tell the tale!! She beat those dark evil hounds into submission… brought them into the light!! Reminding them they are indeed human not the evil monsters they present themselves as!! ThANK you JEsus!!


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