That’s that Shit I DON’T Like… Saturday

That freakin lying bastard!! (Side eye, lips pursed and curled, The Rock Eye Brow…all in play at once!!) But I’m going to keep it moving and TRY to remain positive…. Umm humm but why you gotta lie?! I just needed to know one (1) THING!! In fact that all I EVER ask that bastard!! Just one simple thing!! And he gotta lie about that!! Arrgh!!! I hate that bastard more days than not!! Wooosah woo-damn-sah!! No bump THAT I’ma snatch the battery outta that MF’r and throw it out the damn bathroom window!! Then I’ll woosah, yeah…THEN I’ll woosah. Breathe in thru nose and out thru mouth…repeat…frequently!


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