Special Occasion Panties (Why you don’t need one to wear them)

This post is actually inspired by a question posed to me recently. “Why are you wearing those “Granny Panties?” That really kind of caught me off guard, but my response was, “Umm because I’m not doing anything special, why would I wear my “Good Panties?” But then I began to think…really why am I? They are not inspiring me to do anything. Yes, you can be inspired by panties, keep reading.
So this is what came to mind… A lesson taught by my mom and grandma.
Tell me if you have heard this before, “Make sure you have clean underwear on when you leave the house” And her rationale…says it with me, “Because if you are in an accident you don’t want those folks at the emergency room seeing you in dirty raggedy drawers.”

Now personally if I’m sick enough to be in the ER clean drawers may not be on the top of my list of worries. IJS However, I do make sure I have on clean and cute panties when I leave the house. Not the really cute sexy ones and not the comfy old friends that have been around the block a few times either. And besides the clean panties are like a safety net because you know as long as you have the clean nice panties on nothing bad will happen to you. It’s when you leave the house and you don’t have on your good panties…LOOK OUT… trouble is lurking like Ghost Face from the Scream movies. And dare to go COMMANDO, Chile you better make sure you fasten your seat belt, stay UNDER the speed limit, use your blinker, wear a flak jacket….Oh shit, forget all THAT just stay home!

Ladies we all have a panty drawer and within that panty drawer there is hierarchy of panties. We have the old faithful our comfy friends they are made of cotton and are breathable. They are generally briefs or more affectionately known as “Granny Panties”. Don’t act like you don’t have any. No shame they do have their time and place. Although the poser of the aforementioned question says…”No, no they don’t” accompanied by a vigorous shaking of the head.

Then we have our “Good Panties” these are appropriate for work, the mall, and maybe a girls evening out. These are not your cotton briefs by any stretch of the imagination but they are not the upper echelon on panties either. However, we get our monies worth out of these spunky girls. Oh and they generally have matching bras in color only 🙂 Granny approved!

Then we have the Holy Grail of Panties, the ones that most of them STILL have the tags on them. These are the “Special Occasion Panties” , the sexy ones. They are tiny scraps of lace and silk skillfully woven into something that barely covers the “Kitten” and doesn’t even come close to covering the “Boo-tay”. These are also the ones grandma would say Lawd chile now where are you going to wear these!? You SURE these are you size? LMAO! Although, we paid dearly for the honor of owning them and they are a part of our “Bag of Tricks” they are the generally the least used. We save them and save them for just that perfect occasion that may or may not come, the good lord only knows why.

Well I think it’s high time to cut the tags off those girls and embrace their power.
Let me give you a few reasons to make everyday a Special Occasion.
1. Tomorrow is not promised.
-So then what cousin Tina gets to strut in them, um NO!
2. They make you feel sexy. Sexy is confidence.
-Confidence draws people in, new possibilities
3. They make us feel empowered.
-The world is yours, rule it
4. You deserve to feel special.
-Nuff said
5. They make us feel liberated and uninhibited.
-Changes our mindset, the box is open
6. It’s a great way to step outside of your box, without being too risky
-No one knows except you, unless you decided to show and tell 
7. Well hell you paid for them
-WEAR them

Let me leave you with this little tid bit…Lets all raise our voices in Corrine Bailey-Ray fashion

Girl, put your panties on, you know they’re your favorite thongs
You go ahead, and cut those tags off
Give Vickie a Secret to tell, So good he’s under a spell,
Just go ahead, and put those Special Panties on…

I’m making tomorrow a special occasion; who is with me?


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