Stopping to smell the daisies

A little back story first.

I  have always had an interest in photography and received my first camera at the age of 12. Since then I have never not owned one. I love capturing life’s moments and preserving memories. However, I knew nothing about the ins and outs of the technical side until about 2 years ago. Allow me to back track a few years before that. During a time of great stress, fear, heartache and heartbreak ( my husband was ill, terminally so) I happened to look outside my bedroom window and saw  what appeared to be dozens and dozens of butterflies. It was an amazing sight. So I picked up my little point and shoot camera a set out on what has turned into quite a journey for me. I sat in the shrubs, weeds, and flower garden for hours on end shooting those butterflies, bugs, flowers and weeds, distressing and trying to process what was happening to my family.  Photography became my respite, my peace, my knot at the end of my rope.

Fast forward a few years.

Since then I have moved into photographing people, which for me poses somewhat of an enjoyable challenge. When it comes to photographing people, tweens and teens are my favorites. They are carefree and willing to step outside the box. And they love being photographed.  However, street photography, nature and landscapes remain my favorite genres of photography. I love the peace and calm I feel when photographing landscapes, flowers, butterflies, and the like. It offers me a time to think and reflect yet feel totally worry free. And who doesn’t need that in their life.

Fast forward to the present.

My life has become somewhat chaotic and I put my camera down. I would take it with me everywhere always with the intent to shoot something but never did.  However, on n a recent trip to a friend’s house, I was inspired to pick up my camera again after a long hiatus. The daisies called out to me, so I picked up my camera. It felt really good to be doing something that brings me so much joy and peace. It was like seeing a friend again for the first time in a long time. Here are a few of the resulting images. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed photographing them.

Denna Crutchfield Photography                                  Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-193                  Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-205Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-194                                          Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-185                                            Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-165

Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-105                                Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-159                   Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-107Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-71


Whip It~Devo

So this is how it went down.

I’m thinking, Ok…ok…ooooKAY (lips pursed, eyebrow raised while nodding my head) Sooo whatcha you said was YOU MAD, the TEACHER GETS ON YOUR NERVES and you PUSH a TABLE and it’s contents across the ROOM. (Apparently that reserve strength kicked in, ya know like your child is trapped UNDER the car strength) Oh and you tossing children outta your way. You are SOOOO “MAD that you can’t be sent to the office the office comes to YOU. Oh BAY-BE GURL U’s a Baaad Mama Jama. Shit I thnk we need to cue the music for this one!! I get the the low down from the assisant principal and then she say she’s here in the office, would you like to speak with her or wait til she gets home? Why wait I say. I here the principal giggle. So Ms. Mama Jama gets on the phone and I say I have 2 questions for you, and they are NOT rhetorical you got that? Ms Mama Jama says WHAT with so much STANK on it I think her body systems have reversed and shit is coming out of her mouth!!….Grabs keys and heads for the truck ( home phone still in hand and pajama shorts on) Pumps breaks and heads back up stairs (O_O)  Never did ask the questions. Now I posted this to calm myself since they are all mandated reporters over there, but TRUST and BELIEVE Ms. Mama Jama will be reintroduced to an old familiar entity ….and the music we will play for THAT is an oldie but goodie…well why don’t we let you all decide…
DeVo Whip It
The Dazz Band Let it Whip
We will need a soundtrack for this one cause it’s gonna be… EPIC…(said in a whisper of a voice)

So 2 hours later when she gets home, she doesn’t come by my room and say, “Mom I’m home.” Oh nooo she creeps down to her room. However, while she goes to the bathroom me and my “Little Friend” head into her room and sit and …wait.  When she enters she is startled to say the least. Quickly she says “But can I just explain?” I’ve heard all I need to hear. So lets just get’er done. “Waaaait wait please can I just explain?” So I’m thinking this is her  Hail Mary, let’s see how far it goes. So she goes into her explanation (saying exactly what the AP said) and when it’s all said and I’M DONE 🙂 I think the remainder of the school year should be smooooth sailing! As long as she doesn’t have to sit.

Kids, gotta love’em…right? Maybe…



Where there’s a will there’s a way

Today I’ve decided to focus on  tips for parents with toddlers.  Working out with your infant and toddler, it’s actually easier than you may think. With a little planning you can find ways to incorporate workouts into the time you spend with your children. I’ll share tips for toddlers to school age children in another blog post.

They are busy little balls of energy and curiosity. If you think just keeping up with them can seem like a workout in itself, well you maybe on to something.

You can play follow the leader with them, aka just try to keep up …lol just keep moving as long as they do. Allow them to roll a ball and YOU chase it. Try it for at least 15-20mins. For more of a challenge if your drive way is on a hill…yep allow them to roll it down hill and you go chase it down!

If you are serious about getting your workout in, invest in a jogging stroller and do as the name suggest. OR you could walk 🙂

Summer is fast approaching and the pool is a great place to get a workout in and spend QT with your little one. You don’t have to know how to swim.  Put the water wings on the little one and/or a life vest put them in an inflated tube and walk/run them around the pool. Try for 5 laps x 3. They will LOVE it and I promise you will get a workout. Kick it up a notch and alternate pool walking and running, its great cardio. For your arms same set up but lower your body in the water so that your arms are under water and just push and pull them towards you and away from you. Try 3 sets 15 reps. Never leave your child unattended in or around the pool.

You can always use the little tikes as your weights for bench presses. Up and down them facing you and make silly  faces. Not counting the ones you are making because of the struggle…hee-hee. This can be educational time as well count your reps out loud. 3 sets of 15

The same concept can be applied to push-ups. You might have to be quick with this one as they may want to get up and run if you are not fast enough. Lay your little on the floor on his/her back and get into push-up position so that your faces line up. You can do them military style on use your knees. Up and down  bending at the elbows, again you can count out loud, blow kisses, or do zurberts on their bellies. Zerberts (fill your cheeks with air and press your lips together and push it out on  the kiddo and make the zerbert sound!! They love that!)

If they are old enough push them on the swing. 1 push 3 jumping jacks do this until you have completed 10 pushes. Do this 2x’s. The jacks should be a 4 count exercise, 1-2-3-1, 1-2-3-2, 1-2-3-3, and so on.

Target your lower body…squats are your friend.  You can hold your infant either facing you or away from you. You want to hold them around their torso; their legs dangling your arms outstretched in front of you and lower your butt until your quads are parallel to the floor. Your weight is in your heels and not your knees. Your knees should be in line with your toes, not to pass them. Do 15 reps 3 sets.

Remember where there is a will there is a way!

In addition to these tips, you must eat clean (see previous blog post) and drink your body weight in ounces of water. No sodas. You can add lemon, orange slices or blueberries to your water for added flavor. Be consistent.

*Remember safety is always first. Use your good judgement with the SUGGESTIONS that I have provided and ALWAYS check with your doctor before starting a fitness program.



Wellness Wednesday by way of Thursday ;-)

So I hope you all have had a productive week and are 7 days closer to reaching your goals.

Let’s jump right in today and talk about the “A” word, ummm NO not that one….ACCOUNTABILITY!  We will discuss the other “A” word at another time. Seriously, we MUST be accountable for our actions or lack thereof.  Accountability is so important as you embark on and continue on your fitness journey. Without it even our daily lives we would run amuck. If we were not held accountable for our actions we would speed (more), cut in lines, call out of work…daily and wish for a zombie apocalypse so we could just start shooting stupid people in the face, and that’s just for starters. It’s the same with fitness goals we would run amuck, unchecked and unchallenged. For those of you who lack accountability let me share with you some ways to hold yourself accountable. These are things that have been very successful for me.

First, I hired a personal trainer, he helps keeps me on track and task. And he’s someone I have to answer to when it comes to getting fit. I have to give an account for my diet, my training that I’m responsible for when he’s not around, as well as for the changes taking place with my body or lack thereof.  A personal trainer is a great investment. The only catch with that is he/she HAS to be someone you click with. If not the PT won’t work at all.

Second, social media, I pimp the heck out of it. I post my workouts  daily! Facebook is my ummm “Hoe” of choice. She’s my “Bottom bitch” ( Ha, got a lil street on y’all lol). What I have discovered is that my friends actually look forward to my post and have become interactive with them. And I have come to enjoy the feedback. Some have actually said that I inspire them. That for me is added motivation. I discussed that last time, motivation…it’s what keeps you going. That being said social media works twofold for me. (Motivation and Accountability)Choose which outlet works best for you. There are so many to choose from.

Third, journaling is also very helpful in holding you accountable; either online or the old-fashioned way with quill and ink well .  If you are anything like me, you don’t want to document that you ate a snickers bar, 3 slices of extra cheese pizza, or 22 packs of sugar ( that would be a soda). And YES, there’s that much sugar in 20 oz soda. Soooo I don’t eat those things!! So it helps me think twice before I put something in my mouth, because if it goes in my mouth, it goes in the journal. It also helps with my workouts because I do love to document that I was “Beastin” lol lol. Who wouldn’t? The catch to that is you have to be honest/transparent and IF you do get off track you still need to document it. It will help you see how those foods affect your progress.

Fourth, tell a friend that you are embarking on a fitness journey and ASK them to check in on you. Now it has to be the right friend. She can’t be a hater (you know which one she is) because she will surely sabotage you…”Girl you can have that cake you gotta have SOME of the things you like” Or let’s go shopping and she KNOWs it’s your gym day; she’s the most dangerous hater. She’s a shady heifer…oops I mean hate, because she doesn’t want to put forth the effort and she certainly doesn’t want you to make her the “Fat Friend” . Trust, she will have NONE of THAT. This friend needs to be someone who has walked in similar shoes and will check you when you are getting off course. And help you to see the error in your choices. Now, I am not suggesting this person be your workout partner. In fact I don’t recommend a partner at the outset of your journey…because they can become your quicksand and drag you down. The excuses will start, “Well I can’t go to the gym today because”…She will have a laundry list of excuses and because you are not REALLY sure which direction to take just yet, you can easily allow that detour to become your destination, NOWHERE. So blaze your own trail for a while then entertain a partner if you would like.

Please know that ultimately you must be accountable to yourself; after all it’s YOUR health, YOUR body, YOUR mind and YOUR spirit that needs, no deserves to be taken care of and who better to take care of you than YOU!! Love yourself enough to treat yourself like the Queen…or King, you are. You are worth it. Until next time …It’s NOT about HAVING time it’s about MAKING time!  Let that sink in!

Here are some very good apps for tracking your intake, exercise and progress.

My Fitness Pal- Free

Map My Run- Free

Pedometer by Viaden

Also heart rate a moniter could be a wise investment depending on how serious you are. They range from about $50-$200

Those are the ones I use.

Get Right Get Tight