Whip It~Devo

So this is how it went down.

I’m thinking, Ok…ok…ooooKAY (lips pursed, eyebrow raised while nodding my head) Sooo whatcha you said was YOU MAD, the TEACHER GETS ON YOUR NERVES and you PUSH a TABLE and it’s contents across the ROOM. (Apparently that reserve strength kicked in, ya know like your child is trapped UNDER the car strength) Oh and you tossing children outta your way. You are SOOOO “MAD that you can’t be sent to the office the office comes to YOU. Oh BAY-BE GURL U’s a Baaad Mama Jama. Shit I thnk we need to cue the music for this one!! I get the the low down from the assisant principal and then she say she’s here in the office, would you like to speak with her or wait til she gets home? Why wait I say. I here the principal giggle. So Ms. Mama Jama gets on the phone and I say I have 2 questions for you, and they are NOT rhetorical you got that? Ms Mama Jama says WHAT with so much STANK on it I think her body systems have reversed and shit is coming out of her mouth!!….Grabs keys and heads for the truck ( home phone still in hand and pajama shorts on) Pumps breaks and heads back up stairs (O_O)  Never did ask the questions. Now I posted this to calm myself since they are all mandated reporters over there, but TRUST and BELIEVE Ms. Mama Jama will be reintroduced to an old familiar entity ….and the music we will play for THAT is an oldie but goodie…well why don’t we let you all decide…
DeVo Whip It
The Dazz Band Let it Whip
We will need a soundtrack for this one cause it’s gonna be… EPIC…(said in a whisper of a voice)

So 2 hours later when she gets home, she doesn’t come by my room and say, “Mom I’m home.” Oh nooo she creeps down to her room. However, while she goes to the bathroom me and my “Little Friend” head into her room and sit and …wait.  When she enters she is startled to say the least. Quickly she says “But can I just explain?” I’ve heard all I need to hear. So lets just get’er done. “Waaaait wait please can I just explain?” So I’m thinking this is her  Hail Mary, let’s see how far it goes. So she goes into her explanation (saying exactly what the AP said) and when it’s all said and I’M DONE 🙂 I think the remainder of the school year should be smooooth sailing! As long as she doesn’t have to sit.

Kids, gotta love’em…right? Maybe…




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