Nipple-Ectomy 2015

So yesterday was Boob Buster 2015 and I decided to take Mariah (My 14 y/o) with me. I figured take advantage of ALL teachable moments. I explained to her about preventative healthcare and the importance of it. I threw in pap smears as well on the ride there, why not.  She was just beside herself, lol. Once we arrive at the office and I got checked in, she asked do I have to go in with you? I said well to get the full experience you should go in with me. What, do you have a problem with seeing my boobs?  The only difference mine are bigger and brighter and not nearly as perky. I think she died at that moment. I’m sure that was her spirit I saw hovering above us. So as you may have guessed she firmly declined, lmao. IMG_4728.1 So I got the girls checked solo. I personally don’t think mammograms are that bad. Yes, a little uncomfortable but not unbearable. The thing that I do find particularly painful, would be nipple markers.   IMG_4774Pulling those things off are like performing nipple-ectomies  on yourself.  I had to keep checking to make sure they ( my nipples) were really still there, long after the mammo was over. The mammogram tech, although nice and pleasant, I was thinking, girl these things are attached. You can’t just pull them without regard to the attachee, this isn’t tug-of-war and you are not the anchor, no need to dig in like that. They are only going so far no matter what technique you use. I guess she finally came to that realization and moved forward with the screening.

As we entered the elevator I was checking (for my nipples) as  my daughter was looking at me with total befuddlement or possibly bubble guts look on her face. Hey, whatever she knew her nipples were still there.  So I explained to her about the anesthesia-less nipple-ectomy I had just endured. In the process we forgot to press the button for the lobby.  So when the doors opened and we started to exit we realized we were on the wrong floor, and stepped back inside along with a gentleman from that floor. My daughter asked how did that happen?  I explained we were talking and it will go to whatever floor it’s summoned to. The man piped in and said yup and laughed. Sooo since he wanted in on the convo, I brought him all the way in and explained how the error occurred because I was reliving the nipple-ectomy. My daughter died again.  And Mr. Gentleman got a little lightheaded as I saw him use the elevator walls for the support his legs lacked. I just laughed at both of them and continued to do my post-op nipple-ectomy exercises (rubbing the affected area)

Set the example ladies get out and get the appropriate screens for your age and health needs and take your daughters with you. Knowledge is power and enables them to make good choices about their own healthcare. Keeping the Ta-Ta's healthy