About Bantering With Bliss

So what is this blog about? Well, truthfully blogging came to mind because my friends feel like a have a knack for storytelling, and encouraged me to expand beyond sharing on Facebook. However, I don’t create stories I simply share them, as only I can, so I’m told. So taking baby steps, I decided to give blogging a shot.

Other than that it’s about me and my journey. What does my journey consist of…well I’m a working, single mom of three teenagers, and all 4 of us are still trying to get back on track after losing Chuck (Hubby and dad) to a very rare form of cancer Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor or DSRCT for short. It’s about the adventures and misadventures of being single for the FIRST time in my adult life and all that comes with that. It’s about me raisng these teens that tower over my head; and they think that has some magical meaning, nope only means it’s a longer fall to the ground! It’s about self discovery, who am I without him. I’ll also share my fitness journey with you which I’ve dubbed, Get Right Get Tight. It’s also, my platform to say whatever it is I choose, however I choose to say it. I don’t feel like I’ll be offensive but there is always possibility that I may be to some, but keep in mind it’s my blog, my thoughts and my OPINIONS. You may not always agree and that’s cool, as cool blowing on icy hot, try it sometimes 🙂 If I should offend don’t get your panties in a bunch, in fact just take them off (they were probably to tight anyway) and be free…allow the breeze flow and chill out!

Why should you stop by and visit, well because I hope to entertain, occasionally educate, and have you feel better about life after you leave.

I hope you will join me on this journey that is my life.



5 thoughts on “About Bantering With Bliss

  1. I just read about your son, made my husband read it. Our kids go to school together, know each other. I didn’t know about the incident…I’m still crying, speechless. I felt your story in my GUT, thank you for telling it so beautifully. I pray for your son, my son, and everyone else’s. I’d love to give you a hug one day…God bless. Thanks again.

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