About Bliss

Instead of 20 questions, let’s play 20 facts about me…Bliss:

    1. I’m only 5 feet tall 🙂 2. My mom initially named me Monica Monique, dual identities from the start…smh. 3. I’m not opposed to stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying something a little different. 4. I’m a hippie chic at heart. 5. I’m very sensitive and my feelings get hurt easily, yet I decided to blog. (See #3) 6. When I travel I clean hotel rooms upon arrival, with Clorox and Lysol. 7. My favorite color is purple although, I own NOTHING purple, wait, does my pole room count? (See #9) 8. I’ve never seen an entire episode of Friends or Seinfeld, and I’ve made peace with that. But I will watch the HELL outta some King of Queens! 9. I LOVE pole dancing and all things sexy. 10. I still keep in contact with my first love (30 yrs later). 11. Chocolate with dimples makes me as weak as wet tissue 😉 (think about that). 12. I enjoy photography. 13. I don’t enjoy running. 14. I’m a widow. 15. My favorite television show of all time is Little House on the Prairie (Yes, really and NO I’m not ashamed of it). 16. I’m shy (Although some would disagree). 17. I wish I had named my kids Carter, Campbell and Camille 18. I love horror movies except the Exorcist; that scared the SHIT out of me ALMOST literally. 19. Not only do I hate watermelon but all other melons as well. 20. I’ve had some Jerry Springer~esqe moments in my life. 😕


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