Stopping to smell the daisies

A little back story first.

I  have always had an interest in photography and received my first camera at the age of 12. Since then I have never not owned one. I love capturing life’s moments and preserving memories. However, I knew nothing about the ins and outs of the technical side until about 2 years ago. Allow me to back track a few years before that. During a time of great stress, fear, heartache and heartbreak ( my husband was ill, terminally so) I happened to look outside my bedroom window and saw  what appeared to be dozens and dozens of butterflies. It was an amazing sight. So I picked up my little point and shoot camera a set out on what has turned into quite a journey for me. I sat in the shrubs, weeds, and flower garden for hours on end shooting those butterflies, bugs, flowers and weeds, distressing and trying to process what was happening to my family.  Photography became my respite, my peace, my knot at the end of my rope.

Fast forward a few years.

Since then I have moved into photographing people, which for me poses somewhat of an enjoyable challenge. When it comes to photographing people, tweens and teens are my favorites. They are carefree and willing to step outside the box. And they love being photographed.  However, street photography, nature and landscapes remain my favorite genres of photography. I love the peace and calm I feel when photographing landscapes, flowers, butterflies, and the like. It offers me a time to think and reflect yet feel totally worry free. And who doesn’t need that in their life.

Fast forward to the present.

My life has become somewhat chaotic and I put my camera down. I would take it with me everywhere always with the intent to shoot something but never did.  However, on n a recent trip to a friend’s house, I was inspired to pick up my camera again after a long hiatus. The daisies called out to me, so I picked up my camera. It felt really good to be doing something that brings me so much joy and peace. It was like seeing a friend again for the first time in a long time. Here are a few of the resulting images. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed photographing them.

Denna Crutchfield Photography                                  Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-193                  Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-205Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-194                                          Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-185                                            Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-165

Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-105                                Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-159                   Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-107Denna Crutchfield Photography.01-71